Flipside Focus Season 5 Episode 2

The Indie Comics market is coming out strong in 2021, and The Random Dude Josh and Johnny “The Machine” Hughes are here to share with you the comics that you should be checking out. From some Critical Hit to some Damn, Cursed Children, the guys have an absolute blast reviewing some great books and Kickstarters, while Josh’s jokes yet again send Johnny into a spin, Only on Flipside Focus.

Critical Hit:

writer: Matt Miner
artist: Jonathan Brandon Sawyer
colorist: Doug Garbark
letterers: Crank, Jim Campbell
format: 4 issue mini-series

Pick your copy up here: https://blackmaskstudios.com/critical-hit/

Damned, Cursed Children #1

writer: Howard Wong, Josh Stafford

artist:Robin Simon Ng

Pick your copy up here: https://oxeyemedia.com/collections/damned-cursed-children


Johnny’s Pick:

2 for Joy

Josh’s Pick:

Space Bastards – Volume 2


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