Episode 200

This is the two hundredth episode and eleventh-anniversary extravaganza! Join me and a myriad of guests as we tackle some Barbara Gordon stories from 2001! (See the timestamps below.) In part one, I reflect on the podcast’s history and what I have learned. In part two, I am joined by my nemesis Sam Heath and we review the 2001 event “Joker: Last Laugh.” In part three, I am joined by Jordan B. Gorfinkel as we look at Birds of Prey #36-38. In part four I am joined by Bryan Q. MIller as we look at Batgirl #15-16 and #18 (2001). Finally, in part five I interview the co-writer of “Joker: Last Laugh,” Scott Beatty, about the story, and together we look at three tie-ins to the event: Nightwing #62, Batgirl #21, and Robin #95. Listener emails, anime watchlist, literature recommendations, and more are also included in the episode.

Me: 3:13
Heathbar: 44:19
Gorf: 2:36:32
BQM: 5:14:12
Beatty: 6:28:25