Red Hood #52 (REVIEW)

Red Hood #52
DC Comics

Written by: Shawn Martinbrough
Art by: Tony Akins and Moritat
Inks by: Stefano Gaudiano
Colors by: Paul Mounts
Letters by: Troy Peteri

Now that we know Nightwing is going to extend beyond DC Future State, there’s a chance Shawn Martinbrough will get to work with Red Hood more. Now, neither Red Hood #51 nor Red Hood #52 has been mind-blowing, but they were solid. Especially when considering the fact Martinbrough walked into a weird situation with Tony Akins on Red Hood #51 with Moritat joining for this issue.

Scott Lobdell left the title after Red Hood #50. The title hadn’t been trending in the right direction. Then there’s the timing of the transition from Lobdell to Martinbrough as the writer just before DC Future State.

But the reason Martinbrough deserves a greater chance with Red Hood isn’t the specifics of this story. It’s about the general direction he decided to go in.

Jason Todd’s history with the All Caste is fairly interesting and some of the crazier stuff he’s experienced with both groups of Outlaws have been fun, but there’s so much more potential for him as a grounded character. He needs to get down and dirty, and make readers question if he’s actually doing the right thing from time-to-time.

Red Hood is not supposed to be a superhero. It’s hard to be anything but that when all you’re doing is facing these large, high-powered threats.

Who knows? Maybe Martinbrough even finds a way for Red Hood to upset Batman again and send the character back off the rails.

(WARNING: Spoilers ahead for Red Hood #52.)

Just one quick thing that couldn’t be mentioned in the spoiler-free section.

Given the ending of Red Hood #52, the last note about Red Hood going off the rails doesn’t seem likely. However, this is the first time in a while where that seems within reach for the character.

Wishful thinking? Probably, but a littler hope never hurt anyone.

Score: 7.5