Inkblot # 4 (REVIEW)

Inkblot # 4

Image Comics

Created by: Emma Kubert & Rusty Gladd

Inkblot # 4 changes the direction of this series. Originally, the cat experiencing the adventures has shown an interest in traveling across the kingdoms. This issue witnesses a visit to the past. Kubert and Gladd have nimbly allowed this feline to navigate a story not on its own. Yet it’s just now that I beginning to wonder how much the Seeker and her siblings lives were impacted by the cat.

This issue sees Xenthos for the first time since issue # 1. Watching this soon-to-be-king’s immediate similarities with other nomadic leaders are apparent. Similarly, the actions of his people is what causes the chaos with the cat. I find it funny how no matter what is occurring in this series it always comes back to that darn cat.

I enjoy this series for it’s balance of monsters, magic and mystery; the art and dialogue, too. This team has developed a series that knows when to speak and when to show you where to look. Following along the action, the story speaks through the images. Then, only when necessary, a conversation or commentary helps give additional clarification to what was witnessed.

I was going to question how the Seeker wouldn’t have remembered this event, this cat, but as I have once before with this series, I have a theory of where this leads. Having conjured the cat as a result of her own lack of adventures…it’s impact across spaces and times brings that lack into question. Given the intricate and immense universe this story takes place in, the cats adventures could be endless. But then again, since the Seeker mentions at the beginning of the issue how she needs a library for all the manuscripts and letters regarding the kingdom she has….it kinda seems they already are.

Score: 8.7