Resident Alien: Your Ride’s Here #1 (Review)



The most striking thing about Resident Alien is the normalcy of it.  Whether it is the dialogue or the drawings, this comic book partially presents itself as a standard Sunday comic strip.  The bright pallette the artists use keeps the comic from feeling distrubing and make it pleasantly readable.  The conversations and crisis this comic contain are also not explosive or over the top.  It is the concealment of the main characters identity which creates the magic of this miniseries.

This issue begins with some troubling developments, the Chief is investigating a few incidents in Patience.  During a discussion about these events we first learn about Harry’s return from New York, events from the last miniseries.  Harry’s arrival is bright spot of everyone’s day and indication at the humor and narrative of this comic.  Having an alien be the most admired and trusted invidiual in a small town speaks volume.  

Steve Parkhouse does an amazing job with detail in scenes.  The opening sequence highlights the mastery of the skill, especially in the facial expressions during the shooting.  Parkhouse does an amazing job as well with making Harry stick out.  It’s difficult to imagine one thing making a comic humorous but for Resident Alien this is the case.  The detail in the facial expression and ears leave no mistake you are seeing an alien.  So no matter what is occuring to the people in Patience, it still feels like you are in on a small joke.

Peter Hogan uses several scenes to present the value that the people of Patience put on Harry.  He also uses them to present Harry as just as human as any of us.  How many of us have gotten a wedding invitation and asked “Do I have to go”?  The scene with the Mayor in the diner or his conversation with Ethan too showcase acceptance.  As Harry himself states this issue “it’s good to be home”.  

As if the title of this miniseries wasn’t indication enough, there is a bit of forshadowing for Harry’s story.  The dream sequence shared by Asta and her father hint one way this could go.  Although the government agent sent to Patience seems to be closing in on the “person” they are seeking.  One way or another it seems Harry is soon to receive a ding alerting him his driver has arrived.

SCORE: 8.9