Bomb Queen Trump Card: Part Three (Review)



What is it they say about desperate times?  What would have seemed impossible yesterday seems inevitable now.  Our only ability to agree seems to be on disagreeing.  Not to mention everyone has their own agenda, ego, incentives.  Image Comics has opted to present us with our very reality, or one not too far off.  Bomb Queen 3 seeks to satirize not only our election but also who we choose to empower.  

Jimmie Robinson sends in Bomb Queen, under the carefully constructed plan of White Knight to do just one thing.  Dump Trump.  According to the comic the outcome of the 2020 election, still awaiting an answer at this moment, was a Trump victory.  Rather than allowing a lifetime term that the 2024 victory would allow, Bomb Queen has thrown pretty much all of herself into the ring.  The over the top nature of this character is perfectly suited for the society she satirizes.  For a society either too desensitized or overly sensitive, she finds a way to connect.  By being her outrageous self she makes no apologies.  Robinson wisely shows this leaves the people to fight it out amongst theirselves.  Each showing from their own perspective how they relate to this character.  

The art of the issue is balance of quality illustrations coupled with creative imagery.  Several moments are used to showcase the humor or horrendousness that Bomb Queen’s personality presents.  This comic takes great strides in being just edgey enough with some of the scenes it presents.  It forces you to wonder if this is too over the top, much like Bomb Queen herself.  

Bomb Queen 3 has just as much action as it does character examination.  The issue ends with a battle between the White Knight and his teammates with Super Team Patriot.  Robinson uses this battle to continue the conversation of path that could end with Bomb Queen as President.  The most interesting thing is that just like everything else presented it is exactly plausible in comic and our reality.  Proving sometimes you don’t have to be better to win, you need to be worse.  

SCORE: 8.7