Detective Comics #1029 (Review)

Detective Comics #1029
DC Comics

Written by: Peter J Tomasi
Art by: Kenneth Rocafort
Colors by: Daniel Brown
Letters by: Rob Leigh

As the factions looking to unmask Gotham’s heroes grow, a new threat emerges.

A new, faceless man calling himself The Mirror has emerged in the fringes of the city to rally its people to unmask the vigilantes operating in it. With a rallying call, he sends them out to be his enforcers and one of them ends up taking a shot at Batman as he works to stop a group of kidnappers and rescue the hostage.

In the aftermath, Bruce is packing up the mansion, but is reluctant to do anything about Alfred’s room right away. As he sees the rise of anti-vigilante sentiment, he realizes that Bruce Wayne might be more effective at gathering information that his alter ego. Unfortunately, Bruce and the gathered guests at a fundraiser for the anti-vigilante candidate for Mayor will find themselves in the crosshairs of a group of pirates.

Peter J Tomasi has crafted an interesting and engaging story that plays to both Batman’s detective skills and to Bruce Wayne’s recent trauma. It does a great job of showing the ongoing repercussions of the Joker War and how its fallout is bringing on the rise of new and personal threats for Batman and his allies. I liked the dialogue a lot and was impressed with how the story ended and what that ending means for Bruce’s relationship with Damian.

Kenneth Rocafort delivers some beautiful art in this issue. The style of the art is amazing and there are some great details throughout the panels. A great looking issue both in its style and tone.

Score: 8.9