Stealth # 6 (REVIEW)



I am a bit shocked by this finale issue of Image Comics Stealth.  All of the elements that had been present through the series were still in place.  The violent tone, highlighting the problems of the city and those responsible, was still in place.  And the ending was still full of emotional weight, the unfortunate conclusion the story of Daniel and Tony Barber.  I suppose since issue # 1 I suspected with the name of this comic there was something else going on.

Mike Costa brings all of Tony’s investigations to a conclusion.  The assistance of The Dead Hand provides the evil humor and violence to the issue. Already an interesting individual, once his power’s orgin is explained The Dead Hand takes on another metaphor entirely.  It is during their attempts to bring closure to Stealth’s activities that the reader discovers about the heroes origin and current situation.  Unfortunately, I felt a bit of a letdown when it was discovered why our hero was suffering.  

While this issue features less gunfire than the previous two, Stealth showcases the gritty nature of the struggle for the city.  The Death Hand delivers a death true to his name.  The panels of Nate Bellegarde and Tamra Bonvillain allow the nature of his abilities to speak to his nature.  Given the fact it is a character itself, both artists also continue to capture the beauty and decay that is the city of Detroit.  

Stealth # 6 keeps true to both of it’s initial premises or promises.  It began with Tony with one view of his city and what has not worked to solve it’s problems.  We meet Stealth, a hero out of touch with reality, confusing events.  My initial review seemed to believe this was leading one way.  Of the ways the series could have concluded this creative team snuck one by me with this one.

SCORE: 8.6