Review: Super Sons: Escape To Landis

Overview: The Super Sons brace for their final showdown against the Four Fingers, as the boys journey to Candace’s home in Landis.


Synopsis (spoilers ahead): Candace embraces her destiny as she explores her heritage in Landis. Meanwhile, Jon and Damian steal a sample of the virus that threatens Lois Lane, hoping they could find a cure before the world succumbs to it. With Tilly at their side, the Super Sons dodge the Four Fingers, and try to stay one step ahead of their pursuers as they make their way to Landis. A mysterious assassin named Talia al Ghul is also trailing the boys, and she shows a particular interest in Damian. Before the adventure ends, it’s up to Jon to save his family, while Damian proves himself to his father, and confronts the hidden demons of his past.


Analysis: I’ve said this in past reviews, but it bears repeating: these aren’t the Super Sons from the mainstream DC Universe, so adjust your expectations accordingly. Batkid and Superboy are a fun alternative to Damian and Jon, with fun adventures all their own. To repeat another point made in past reviews, the name “Super Sons” is almost deceptive, as Candace and Tilly play just as big of a role as their male counterparts.


Ridley Pearson writes a fun adventure tale, with plenty of action to thrill young readers. However, my favorite moments of the book came during the quiet moments, when the kids pigged out on fast food or enjoyed a bit of humor. Ile Gonzalez is back illustrating, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Her dynamic style breathes life into these kids, and it wouldn’t be a Super Sons book without her art.


This book continues the global warming and virus subplot that began in book one, making this installment topical. Now that the country is in the midst of a pandemic, and wildfires and causing people to rethink global warming, this book has become more timely. There’s little doubt this was originally scripted before COVID-19 took over the world, but it’s still hard to see Jon think about his mother’s condition without being reminded of current events.


Like past entries in the Super Sons saga, this edition suffers from pacing issues. I feel this book would’ve benefited from a bigger page-count. Damian’s confrontation with Talia was too brief, and there wasn’t much time to reflect on it once the dust settled. The final pages felt a bit rushed, with the trilogy concluding on a panel of Clark and Bruce making a Silver Age-inspired pun about their “Super Sons.” Despite pacing issues, this is a fun read, whether you’re a fourth-grader or a full grown adult.


Final Thoughts: The Super Sons saga reaches a satisfying conclusion. Ridley Pearson and Ile Gonzalez knock it out of the park again. If you’re looking for a fun afternoon reading experience, then look no further than “Super Sons: Escape to Landis.”


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