Dark Nights Death Metal: Multiverse’s End #1 (REVIEW)

Dark Nights Death Metal: Multiverse’s End #1
DC Comics

Written by: James Tynion IV
Art By: Juan Gedeon
Colors by: Mike Spicer
Letters by: Rus Wooton

If the title of this Death Metal one-off didn’t get the message across that this is a serious installment in Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s event, either Ian Bertram & David Stewart’s or Arthur Adams and Sabine Rich’s (variant) covers should have. Because it’s not every day Captain Carrot enters the fray.

Without getting into spoilers, just know he’s only the tip of the iceberg. There are a few other … odd characters who show up in Dark Nights Death Metal Multiverse’s End #1. Things get pretty weird.

And that’s part of what makes this such an awesome one-off. Juan Gedeon and Mike Spicer create this bubble-gum, goofy world while James Tynion IV gives all the information we need for the larger story. Of course, Tynion has a little fun in all of this, too.

Again, without getting into concrete details, Tynion makes a callback out of nowhere to another Dark Metal one-off. Such a great payoff. May end up being one of the most memorable moments of the entire Death Metal event.

This is all where Dark Nights Death Metal Multiverse’s End #1 differs from Dark Nights Death Metal: Speed Metal #1 — the tone. Joshua Williamson’s book has big payoffs for fans of the Flash Family, but the book is much more in line with Snyder and Capullo’s. Serious. Dark.

The end of the multiverse is still upon the characters involved in Dark Nights Death Metal Multiverse’s End #1, but there’s just enough wackiness to distract readers for a little bit. It’s a nice change of pace.

As for furthering Snyder and Capullo’s story, Tynion helped those who don’t read Justice League get up to speed on Perpetua. Dark Nights Death Metal Multiverse’s End #1 is a must-read if you’re following the event, but it’s especially important for those who fall under the aforementioned umbrella.