Gwandanaland Comics: Bringing Old Comics to Life!

Gwandanaland Comics, “The largest publisher of classic American comics, on Earth!”

Once classic comics enter the public domain, those at Gwandanaland Comics jump into action to bring the comics of yester-year, back into the hands of comic lovers and collectors alike. What they do is quite remarkable. They take the old comic, and attempt to clean up any aging or distressing of the original comic to make it look as brand-new as possible. Now, they let you know that sometimes, they can only do so much in the clean-up process, and it may not look brand-spanking new, or that what they find, is, unfortunately, what they have to reprint.

Sometimes old comics can’t be saved from the ravages of time, but Gwandanaland is determined to still bring these classics to you to read, and sometimes that means with all the wear and tear intact to give you a truly authentic experience.

Sadly I don’t think the smell of aging comics can be reprinted yet with today’s technology… I love that smell!

All comics that Gwandanaland fixes up and reprints are available through Amazon for the time being. Their catalog is available at any time through Amazon (for a price, as it’s very fancy), or for a basic spreadsheet catalog, you may contact Gwandanaland for a copy. Pricing varies, but they are the first to admit… it isn’t cheap. With all the time and effort it takes to clean up an old comic and make it looks as close as it can to it’s original form… it’s gonna take time, and well, you know the old saying about time, right?

If you want to revisit some comics of old, but don’t want a physical copy, you can request pdfs of these lovely comics as well, which come with some advantages like features not included in the print version, and that they’re provided on a USB stick, that you a free to keep if you wish! And if the pictures of the USB sticks in the guidebook I am reading are true… then I would be keeping those superhero themed USB sticks for sure!!! No way I’d be returning something that cool!

Now, I love old comics. Why? Because the sky was the limit! Also, I love horror, and some of the best horror comics came from that time. There’s something about old horror comics that just make it that much more creepier. Was it the coloring style? The art style? I’m not sure, but modern comics can’t compare.

If you want to check out Gwandanaland Comics for yourself, check them out on Facebook “Gwandanaland Comics,” or you can contact them through their email, “[email protected]

And before I conclude this article, I reached out to Gwandanaland Comics to ask if they would like to add anything to this article, and I would like to share, that they are also the cutest publisher in comics.