Aka the best most fantastic day to visit your friendly local comic shop (and it’s our birthday)! Join Phoenix Comics and Games as we celebrate not only the greatest national comic holiday of all time, but also our birthday!

Funny how those two things coincide, right?

Free Comic Book Day is a national celebration across the comic book industry. On Saturday, May 4th, shops across the nation open their doors to visitors and give away comics to all who visit! You’re never too old or too young to join us – this event is for everyone. We’ll have free comics that run the gauntlet of all ages to teen/Mature reader titles.We’ll also have a variety of local guests dropping by throughout the day!

Looking for a list of what you can find here on FCBD? Head to Free Comic Book Day’s official site for a full list.

Wondering how many you can take? That’s going to vary over time. When the store opens, our limit will be 4 titles for visitors and 6 titles for folks who are planning to make a purchase.

As the day goes on, adjust how many different titles people can take. Our goal is to get as many of these free comics into the hands of as many people who want to read them as possible!

FCBD Store-Wide Sale!

Every year we have a store-wide sale. This year’s no different (well okay it’s a little different). When you make your purchase this FCBD, we’ll give you a discount of 6% plus the result of two six sided die. Since it’s our sixth birthday and all that.

Back Issue Bulk Deal!

Want a truly awesome deal that’s worth it’s weight in comics?

For one day only we’ll have all of our bulk comics available for you to peruse and pick through. For a mere $25, you can take one of our brown paper bags and fill it with as many comics as you can manage without tearing the bag. Or for $50 you can do the same thing with a larger Free Comic Book Day bag!

Creator Signings!

For Free Comic Book Day this year we have seven talented and wonderful creators joining us. Stop by during the event to see them, talk with them and maybe get a favorite book signed!

12 – 2 PM – Jen Vaughn and Zack Davisson

2 – 4 PM – Colleen Frakes and Tatiana Gill

4-6 PM – Lauren Graves, Iris Jay, and Hye Mardikian

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