Emerald City In-Store Events

Emerald City In-Store Events

Emerald City Comic Con is coming up fast! Here’s a quick rundown of all the extra stuff we’ve got going here at Phoenix during the week of the con!

Wednesday, March 13th – Oni Press Signing Double-Header

We’re teaming up with the fine folks at Oni Press to showcase not one, but two amazing creators with new books just in time for the con! Both Sara Graley and Dylan Meconis will be in the shop from 5 PM – 7 PM signing copies of their newest books! Have a look!

Our Super Adventure By Sarah Graley

If you love Kate Beaton or Sarah Anderson, you will love this collection of the hit webcomic Our Super Adventure by Sarah Graley (Rick and Morty, Kim Reaper)! Eating too much pizza together. Smelling your cats. Figuring out how to spend your evening when the internet has suddenly stopped working. Relationships are full of sweet and quirky little moments! Sarah Graley’s first collection of the hit diary webcomic Our Super Adventure chronicles two years of these strange, relatable instances, as she navigates life with four cats and one cat-like boy.  Whether it’s that feeling of getting the entire bed when your partner gets up before you, or the heartbreaking realisation that the love of your life has burned the microwave popcorn, Press Start To Begin documents all the weird little everyday flashes of shared absurdity that make up a relationship.  

The Long Con by Dylan Meconis

The world is over, but the con has just begun. Five years ago, a cataclysmic event obliterated everything within a fifty mile radius of the Los Spinoza Convention Center—right in the middle of Long Con, the world’s biggest (and longest) pop culture convention. Underdog reporter Victor Lai barely escaped with his life, but his nerdy friend Dez Delaney—publicist for an indie darling comics publisher—wasn’t so lucky.

Saturday, March 16th – X-Plain the X-Men Party!

Of all of Marvel’s super hero teams, the X-Men have some of the most complicated and convoluted history out there as far as comics go. Ever read an X-Book and think, “I have absolutely no clue as to how we got to this point. I mean, time travel, alternate dimensions, time travel, space aliens, time travel, Limbo,  and did I mention time travel?”  Well a while back, two intrepid X-Fans resolved to X-plain the X-men.  And what better way than to pod-cast it?  And lo Jay & Miles X-plain the X-Men was born!

We’ve had the honor of playing host for Jay & Miles for their birthday party for the past four years now, and their parties are always fantastic! So come down and join us, won’t ya? As always, no con pass is required, just an interest in X-Men!

We’ll have some drinks, snacks, things to nibble on, and most importantly the awesome company of fellow X-Plain the X-Men Listeners; a fan group that’s won the Super Doctor Astronaut Peter Corbeau Awards non-stop for the past 5 years!

This year’s festivities will run from 8 – 10 PM! Hosts Jay & Miles will join us as soon as they finish recording a live episode, but Phoenix staff will be on hand to make sure that the space is ready and waiting for them and for you!

Bonus Content / Shameless Plug – The WicDiv Afterparty!

If you’ve still got energy to burn after the X-Plain the X-Men party winds down, there’s another party just around the corner that’ll just be getting started courtesy of the fine folks at Bombsheller Leggings and WicDiv creators Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie!